søndag 4. juni 2017

The ‘Identity-day’ - A time for everything *

Identity is very much about belonging. Knowing my identity provides a good life even in the difficult phases of life when we face war, resistance, illness and sorrow. Identity is about being at home in myself, at home in the community, at home in the nature and at home in God.

For me, Pentecost is primarily about discovering my identity as a child of God. The Holy Spirit came upon the disciples like a tongue of fire, like a language with a burning passion. In addition to sharing a common belief and confession, there was suddenly something more that identified the 120 who had been waiting for ten days for the Holy Spirit. It was a new incarnation. They were one body with a common burning language, the language of love. Without this language, Christianity would have ended up as another religion instead of as the life of Jesus in the world. The 120 were at home in God and the Spirit of God was at home in them.

The first church experienced what Christians in the coming generations have experienced, which is so well expressed by Paul:

The Spirit himself testifies with our spirit that we are God’s children.
Romans 8:16
Therefore, Pentecost is both a goal and a start. Pentecost is where we come home, and from that home we go out, knowing that the home is always with us because the Holy Spirit is always with us. Of course, I have an identity in the world. I am Norwegian, I am a Salvationist, I have a physical family and I love the identity this gives me, but my most important identity is in Jesus Christ, and I received this in the miracle of Pentecost.

‘Manna’ for today:

Pentecost gives me identity
(1) Today's illustration is also about identity, and we received the drawing as a gift a week ago. A cartoonist working at Salvattex redesign in Iasi is the master of the product. He had been informed about four interests individual interests Magna and I have. He then placed us and our interests in the picture people in this world have of Norway. In the background, you will find Norwegian mountains represented by the landmarks: Torghatten, Trolltunga and Nordkapp. You can also identify our interests - and four grandchildren, though their given gender is free imagination - like most of the other features - but cleverly done!

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