søndag 30. april 2017

Where do I start? – a time for everything *

When Jesus clarified the mission of the disciples to proclaim repentance and forgiveness from sin, I am convinced that the assignment to do this to ‘all nations’ must have overwhelmed the small group of disciples. Fortunately, he continued:
and repentance for the forgiveness of sins will be preached in his name to all nations, beginning at Jerusalem.
Luke 24:47
The mission to the whole world has to start some somewhere and I think it must start where I am. A few years ago, the Navigators published an excellent book on evangelism entitled "Where You Are!". I can’t think of a better title for a book on that subject. The disciples did quite a bit of walking in the weeks between Easter and Pentecost. However, they were instructed that the starting point is Jerusalem, and from then on everything is about where you are.

Today I will go to Ialoveni. This is the first meeting in the new building. The corps leader has asked me to preach about the subject: “I am the door” as part of a series. Fortunately, the new building has doors. A door is something I take for granted when I think of building because the door gives access to the inside. Therefore, the symbolism of the door is very strong. 

When Jesus says that he is the door, it means that it is possible to enter and become part of him. The same Jesus says he stands by the door and knocks so that I may invite him in and in so doing, ma part of me. The door in the new premises in Ialoveni is both entrance and exit. In order for us to be witnesses where we are. I am looking forward to proclaim this today.

‘Manna’ for today:

Every day I start where I am, so today I will start in Ialoveni
* 'A time for everything' is connected with the Bible's teaching about a 'season for every activity' Eccl 3 This series is about the teaching in the time between Easter and Pentecost. 

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