onsdag 22. mars 2017

Knowing what the mission is – a step on the journey

I have always been focused on the mission, and as I have grown older, it has become even stronger. A couple of days back, I made a point of the fact that it was not only ‘one’ step on the journey of getting to know Jesus, but ‘a’ step because it takes many steps to know Jesus intimately. 

In the same way as there is only ‘one’ Jesus, there is also only ‘one’ mission. However, even in relation to the ‘one’ mission it takes many steps to get to know it so well that the mission becomes an integral part of my identity.

When Simon had made his confession and was affirmed and given the name Peter (rock), Jesus continued:

“…on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it.”
Matt 16:18
St Peter's Basilica in Rome was built on the spot believed to be the place where Peter was crucified. This was done to symbolize the connection between Peter and the church. The image works well as long as there are no theological strings attached, because in the end the confession is the rock. A church without the confession, is merely a humanitarian organization. There is nothing wrong in being a humanitarian organization, but that is not the whole mission.

That is one of the reasons why the Army has been busy ascertaining that we are 'one' army with 'one' mission. This has become a challenge because we have a strong desire to build a church for those who share our call to the mission, and we have an equally strong desire to alleviate suffering in the world, which is a part of the ‘one’ mission. We do not have a dual mission in the meaning of ‘two’. It is an integrated mission that is based on the 'one' message, which again is based on the 'one' confession. The 'one' confession is the starting point for the journey up to Jerusalem - step by step.

‘Manna’ for today:

To get to know the mission takes more than one step
(1) I stand where Peter stood - at least when it comes to the confession. St. Peter's Basilica - July 2013.

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