lørdag 25. februar 2017

The most useful training?

We use many different words for the process of raising children: Upbringing, training, formation, instruction and so on. 

When I grew up, my teachers made us sing commonly used “Upbringing-songs”. With regard to their content, I would say that not all parts of the “training” presented were equally important. Like e.g. the importance of remembering taking your hat of before you enter the sitting-room.

On the plane coming home from Cape Town, I had the opportunity to watch the movie 'Genius'. It is a biographical drama based on the special friendship that developed between the publisher Max Perkins and the author Thomas Wolfe. If you enjoy good conversations, literature and superb acting, this is a movie worth watching. The only link to the current reflection is that Max Perkins wore his hat both outside and inside. It is not unlikely that Perkins had a similar upbringing with regard to “hat-etiquette” as I had. However, as an adult, there were other things that were more important to him - which in some ways also links underlying theme in the drama of their friendship: "Which values ​​are most important?"

The most useful training was by Paul in this way:

All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for … training in righteousness
2 Tim 3:16-17
Righteousness and justification are closely linked and is a huge topic that could become an independent book. To grasp the mystery of righteousness can only be done by the Holy Spirit. It can be explained by using different images of how the Atonement of Jesus made it possible. The images may contribute to my understanding as explanatory models, but the life that is contained in the concept of righteousness can only be grasped when my spirit opens up for the Spirit of God. When that happens, the result of the training in righteousness will lead to inner assurance and not only to the knowledge of a theological theory.

‘Manna' for today:

Training in righteousness brings inner assurance

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