tirsdag 17. januar 2017

Can a role model make progress?

If I take today’s challenge given to Timothy seriously, the answer to the question must be a definite “Yes!”:
Practice these things, and live by them so that your progress will be visible to all.
1 Tim 4:15
Even though I am in Jesus Christ, and therefore am “good enough”, there will always be room for more of Jesus in me. Therefore, I can relax in the grace, but still have a goal to make progress. It can happen through focus on the 'things' Paul identified and told Timothy to practice. 

Nevertheless, focus on practices is just about consciousness. When I am conscious about the 'things', I need to “live by them”. Again Paul is stressing that it is all about "life". This reminder can never be repeated too often, because it is when the practices become parts of our life that the progress becomes visible to "all", even though we do not notice it ourselves.

‘Manna’ for today:

Where life is, progress is a natural part.

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