torsdag 29. desember 2016

Where do you belong? – 3

It is not only in a Norwegian Christmas-tree dances (1) that people stamp their feet. I have seen Maoris do the same when they dance their Haka. I even watched it at Boundless in 2015 (picture) (2). Stamping of feet is a strong signal and is often an expression of strength and aggression.

Is the “Stampers’ land” a place where I belong, or is it a land I should avoid?

If it is the aggression that controls me, it is definitely a place where I do not want to be. Nevertheless, it is very important to put the foot down when core-values are threatened.
I will stamp my feet when e.g. discover:
  • Social injustice
  • Abuse of power
  • Spiritual arrogance that blocks the way for others
Jesus put his foot down (3), and it is in him I really belong

‘Manna’ for today:
It is in Jesus I belong! (4)
(1)  See: The most important Christmas song
(2) I just ‘had to’ used this photo for the sake of family-peace. I am sure our son-in-law would have loved to stamp his feet in the dance too, but the Maoris put their feet down…. ;-) 
(3) E.g. The cleansing of the Temple
(4) For in him we live and move and have our beingActs 17:28 

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