mandag 12. desember 2016

"We" - a precondition for growth

It is close to a year since I wrote the series: "The grammar on faith" on my blog. In one reflection, I wrote that the personal pronoun "We" is the best word to describe the unity in body of Christ (1). If I stop thinking "we", I immediately undermine the foundation for growth in the Kingdom.

To think "we" is also a precondition for the relationship between the mentor and the disciple becoming a success and promoting growth. Paul included this aspect in his mentoring of Timothy:

We know that the law is good if one uses it properly.
1 Tim 1:8
"We know" is a highly inclusive statement for those embraced by "we" - in this case, Timothy. We further see the contrast to those who have not understood what Paul and Timothy knew. When I read the letters of Paul, I am convinced that he believed that the gospel applies to, and includes everyone. So the challenge he and Timothy had, was they who through legalistic teaching placed people on "outside". 

If there is a distinction I am not afraid to make, it is precisely with regard to those who limit God's salvation and grace. When I meet such people, I want to join Paul and speak about "us and them". However, the purpose is to make clear that the gospel embraces all, that includes also them who do not believe that everyone is included.

Today I rejoice in the unity I have with all those who "know". In this context, the "we" means we who have seen that God's plan of salvation is all about faith and that the goal of the mission is love.
Tomorrow I will take a closer look at what Paul may have meant by "using the law properly".

‘Manna’ for today:

"We" are all included in God's plan of salvation.
(1) See 'you and I = two = we' (in Norwegian)

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