torsdag 24. november 2016

It is about the world of spiritual physics

I just recently wrote about Nelson Mandela under the headline “It is about being the Captain of your soul”. There I wrote about self-control as one of the qualities of the gift of the Spirit as described by Paul (1). It confirms that Paul and Peter were not far apart:
“…ad to your insight … self-control”
2 Pet 1:6
I find it very interesting the self-control requires insight. In addition to the image of ingredients in a fruit-recipe, I want to use another image. Therefore, I move to the world of physics, and envisage a chain-reaction. That is a process which, when it has started, continue by itself. There may be several reasons why it continues, like the fact that so much energy is released that it keeps the process “warm”. If you have followed the blog lately, you will remember that I some days ago wrote that I would return to “temperature” as a factor (2), - and here it is. It is yet another example of the good circle.

If I am going to succeed in my project of self-control, it must come as reaction in a good process; a chain-reaction between my faith and the good values I choose, which leads to insight and results in self-control. It is a reaction in the world of spiritual physics.

‘Manna’ for today:
The fruit of holiness is a reaction in the world of spiritual physics.
(1) Gal 5:22-23
(2) See the reflection: “It is about the ingredient faith”

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