tirsdag 29. november 2016

It is about an important confession

If it is correct that the holiness and fruit are captured in one word: Love, why should it be important with confession?

This is an important question for me, primarily because I will much rather have life than doctrine. At the same time the spreading of spiritual life depends on the fact that I know something about how the spiritual matters are connected. I believe that is the background for John’s statement:

“By this you know the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is of God”
1 John 4:2
Why was it important for John to remind his readers about this confession if all is about believing in Jesus and loving one another? And why is it important for me to write about holiness?

The answer is simple:

If it is not possible for me to accept that Jesus fully and truly God and fully and truly man, I clearly limit what is possible for God:
How can I believe that he can work through his body in our present time if he is not able to reveal himself in Jesus Christ?

Already in the first century after Christ, this teaching was challenged. However, even today the connection between the faith in Jesus as man and God is a precondition for believing that the Spirit of God in Jesus’ body will be able to be in the body God has chosen to use today.

Thus, what I confess about Jesus is important for the spreading of his life. What I confess and teach will either limit or nourish life. The same applies to the subject of holiness.

Manna’ for today:

Jesus has come in “flesh”, and Jesus comes in “flesh”

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