lørdag 26. november 2016

It is about a healthy godliness

NORSK I have met too many people who are struggling with an unhealthy fear of God. It is unhealthy because they fear God and his judgement even though they have had their sins forgiven and are new creatures in Christ. Some regard this fear as part of true godliness, which is an ingredient in Peter’s fruit-recipe:
“.. add to perseverance …godliness”
2 Pet 1:6
With regard to this ingredient, may be the image of the chain-reaction is more suitable. The healthy godliness is a result of a preceding process, which include the “insight” giving me assurance about the fact that I am a child of God. The question is then: Does a child fear a good and loving parent?

My immediate answer is “Yes”, but the fear is not related to the judgement or the punishment of disobedience, but to the desire to not cause disappointment. Godliness is about respect for him who loves me, and whom I want to love back with all of my heart. This is the theme of the reflection: Holiness is about respect.

‘Manna’ for today:
Healthy godliness is a result of a preceding process

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