mandag 28. november 2016

It is about the goal of all fruit

Today I look at the last ingredient in Peter’s fruit-recipe. It is also the goal for all fruit, and the natural end of the spiritual chain-reaction:
“.. add to brotherly kindness … love”
2 Pet 1:7
I have written a lot about love here on the blog (1), but also today’s reminder amplifies the core of the Christian faith.  Paul mentioned love as the first characteristic of the fruit of the Spirit on his list. It was love that made God send his only begotten Son to the world to save us. Jesus said that as he himself was sent, he sends us – meaning that we are sent by and with love.
  • Love adds up all fruit.
  • Love adds up holiness.
  • Love is the beginning and the end 
  • Love includes all, not only the family of believers.
  • All means that YOU are loved.
  • All means that I am loved.
When I am loved, I will endure to be corrected and disciplined because I know and feel that it happens in love.

‘Manna’ for today:

Holiness and fruit are captured in one word: Love
(1) Look under the label Love

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