tirsdag 15. november 2016

It is about fruit with consequences

Internet has in many ways outdated me. Previously, it was not uncommon to receive a phone call or an sms with questions like:  

“Where in the Bible can I read about ....?” - followed by a phrase, a name or just a theme.

No one ever asked me where it is possible to read about Epenetus or Stephanas. 

Perhaps just as well, for I had certainly not made it on the fly. Nevertheless, behind the names I find food for the thought: They are examples of a first fruit - with remarkable consequences:
Greet my dear Epenetus, who is a first fruit of Christ in Asia.
Romans 16:5

You know about the household of Stephanas, that they are the first fruits of Achaia, and they have devoted themselves to the ministry for the saints.
1 Corinthians 16:15
There is not a lot of information about them, but it is clear that the first fruit led to more fruit. It is not unlikely that Epenetus had left Asia to do mission in Rome - may be he even was one of the 'founders'?

The family of Stephanas does not seem to have travelled far but “devoted themselves to the ministry”, probably in their home province of Achaia where Corinth is an important city even today. The household is mentioned as an example for the church in Corinth.

Today 'manna':
Holiness is about fruit leading to more fruit.

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