tirsdag 27. september 2016

It is about penetration

The first quality of oil I want to focus on is the ability to penetrate. The author of Hebrews writes that: “the word of God is alive and active.” and he continues by stating that: “it penetrates” (1). It should not be a surprise for a Bible-reader who knows that “All Scripture is God-breathed” (2), and again I see the clear connection between the Spirit and the image of the sacred anointing oil.

After two years in college, and one year as an assistant corps-officer, I finally had an apartment at my disposal. I had just been appointed the Commanding Officer in Vik i Sogn (Norway). One of the first things I bought myself, was a new tablecloth. I was so fascinated when I spilt some water on it and discovered that it was floating on the tablecloth and I could just pour it into the sink. When I a couple of days later spilt oil – it was a different story. The oil immediately penetrated the surface of the cloth.

The thought leads directly to the concept of anointing. An anointed testimony

penetrates the listener’s surface of self-protection. An easy way to discern genuine anointing is to look for the “breakthrough” of the gospel.

Samuel Logan Brengle often referred to his experience of holiness as a “Baptism of love”. The same Brengle is known for this quote: “In God’s school we learn through the Heart rather than through the head, by Faith rather than logic.” 

For the Holy Spirit to break through, the message must go from heart to heart.

‘Manna’ for today:

Holiness is a breakthrough of love
(1) Hebrews 4:12
(2) 2 Timothy 3:16

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