fredag 2. september 2016

It is about language

I believe that one of the most important images of the Holy Spirit is ‘language’. Few things can be more concrete than language, at the same time it may turn out 100% abstract. 

Language is the tool we use to communicate our thoughts. Therefore, language becomes closely attached to “identity”.

Language issues are central in many of the conflicts around the world, and the story of the tower of Babel illustrates that in an excellent way (1).

It is very important for me to have an identity as a child of God, an identity that I can recognize in brothers and sisters of the same faith. To strengthen this identity I need a language that can "explain the unexplainable”. The disciples were not able to explain the ‘mystery of Jesus’ before they had been filled with ‘tongues of fire’ – or may be even more correct ‘the language of burning love’.

When that happened (2), the 120 were immediately able to grasp and communicate what they had tried to understand during the three years they had walked with Jesus.

I have already written about this several times on the blog – e.g.:

And now I am reminded about the following truth:

‘Manna’ for today:

The language of burning love, is the identity of the life of holiness
(1) The Tower of Babel - Gen 11:1-9
(2) They saw what seemed to be tongues of fire that separated and came to rest on each of them.
Acts 2:3

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