tirsdag 13. september 2016

It is about ‘holy ground’

During the night we returned from an exciting “journey”, and on several occasions we experienced being on ‘holy ground’. The photo is chosen by purpose. It is taken at Areopagus with Acropolis as the background. The place is far from being ‘holy ground’ by itself, but it symbolizes ‘holy ground’ because it was there Paul preached his famous sermon (1). In a good way it confirms what I shared yesterday: Holiness is also about the ‘other’ trinity = God + disciple + the world.

Where these three come together, the experience of ‘holy ground’ will occur. We felt it when the disciples Maria and Polis – the Salvation Army officers who lead the work in Greece, gave their testimony about what is happening in the country. We experienced it when we were in a meeting and saw the refugees who came from different countries and religions – they were there because they were included by a Jesus-motivated love.

When the Muslim TV channel Aljazeera made an interview with Maria, their first question was: “Why are you, as a Christian organization, helping Muslims?”
Maria responded spontaneously: “Oh, is that what they are? I can only see human beings in need of help and love!”

That is what makes The Victoria Square in Athens ‘holy ground’.

When Moses was told to take of his shoes because he stood on holy ground, it was not because it was a meeting between God and Moses – it was even more about the third party: God’s chosen people (2).

In Jesus, God has shown that he loves and chooses the whole world (3).

‘Manna’ for today:

Where the ‘other’ trinity comes together, the ground becomes holy.
NB – more reflections on the ‘other’ trinity linked to the experiences of last week will follow.
* Magna and I together with our leaders, Rodney and Wendy Walters
(1) Acts 17:16-34
(2) Exodus 3
(3) John 3:16

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