fredag 30. september 2016

It is about 'contagion'

I know that holiness is contagious. There is Scriptural support for the claim. In the passage about the sacred anointing oil, I read that everything and everyone involved in the worship in the Tabernacle became holy through the anointing, and further it says that:
“…whatever touches them will be holy”
Exocus 30:29b
Even further there is support for the claim that people filled with the Holy Spirit become ‘contagious’. What happened with the 120 on the first Pentecost, spread with epidemic speed. On the very first day 3000 people asked the vital question that is linked to any epidemic:
“Brothers, what shall we do?”
Acts 2:37b
They received the prescription: Holiness is about death and resurrection in Jesus Christ. And since that day, no power neither in the heavenly realms nor on earth has managed to stop the epidemic. Many powers have tried, but in the midst of persecution and threats of distinction “the contagious life” has shown its divine growth power.

‘Manna’ for today:
Holiness is contagious!

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