fredag 27. mai 2016

An open prayer

"Can you spare a dollar?"
- I have received this question many times. He who asked, chose to be specific.
The response can be 'yes' or 'no'.

Another may ask: 

"Do you have some coins to spare?".
The prayer has a slightly greater risk - as well as a 'yes or no'-answer, it opens for more or less than a dollar. It is a prayer of investment - the more open the prayer is, the greater the risk, but also the opportunity for greater outcome.

The paralyzed man at the Beautiful gate:

"... asked for alms"
Apg 3:3
The Greek word can be translated as alms – is often translated as such, and often connected with money given to the poor – but it literally means “a gift of mercy”.

Therefore I dare to speculate:
Was Peter's response: "Look at us!" rather an affirmation of what the lame man had already done – and that he had "seen more" – which had given him a hope of greater mercy than some coins?

Could it be that Peter and John were characterized by a very different wealth that made the lame man turn his attention to them instead of to others who apparently had more of this world’s "silver and gold"?

Was the prayer he prayed completely open and therefore the spark that ignited Peter's faith?

Nevertheless, a miracle happened – and God was honored through Jesus.

'Manna' for today:
I need insight to know when my prayer needs to be very concrete, and when it needs to be completely open!

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