lørdag 28. mai 2016

Seize the moment

The Latin phrase: “Carpe diem” has become over the recent years become "public domain" for several reasons - but sometimes it is not enough just to seize the day. 

The day consists of hours, hours consist of minutes which again consist of "moments". There are moments that are so important that they must be seized. I think that one of characteristics of the Holy Spirit is that he helps me to seize "praesente momento". Paul reminded the believers to make the most of every opportunity - (See Colossians 4:5) - and that is what this is all about. 

When I interpreted Commissioner Jim Knaggs in the Officers' Councils in Norway in 2014, he said "I expect two things of my officers, that they:
1) trust God
2) show up for work"
What he meant with the second point is the the very focus of this reflection
To seize the moment of the Spirit.

The man who had been paralyzed since birth, created a lot of fuss. His infectious joy of being made whole created a lot of attention and people gathered in Solomon's Colonnade (also named Porch). It was a precious moment – a great opportunity:

When Peter saw this, he began to speak
Acts 3:12a
A paralytic man walking is a sensation. The crowd was attentive and Peter seized the moment. I frequently quote William Booth's statement: "To create sensation is my method" - I think he had learned from the Holy Spirit. But the goal is not sensation, but attention. If Peter had not seized the moment, a fantastic opportunity had been lost. Each day consists of moments where I have people's attention - what do I do with those moments? Do I show up for work?

'Manna' for today:
The Holy Spirit is present in every moment!

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