onsdag 1. april 2015

Official from 1st of April 13:00 GMT:

Last Friday we received a phone call from the Chief of Staff, Commissioner William A. Roberts, who gave us the information that we are appointed as Chief Secretaries to the new Eastern Europe Territory from the 1st of August 2015. We are grateful and humble for the trust shown to us, and rely upon the Holy Spirit to equip and anoint us for the challenge. We also thank God for the opportunity once again to serve him in Eastern Europe, and to partake in the mission together with great colleagues and friends whom we love and respect.

But receiving a new appointment does also involve leaving another. We have really cherished the much too short time we have been DCs in the Western Division in our home-territory, sharing ministry with many great Salvationists who love the Lord and fulfil the mission of the Army, but we are confident that Jehovah Jireh – The Lord our provider – will cover their needs as well.

Still – we never thought that we would be able to come back to live in Moldova, but God is gracious and grants us the privilege once again. We are also glad to meet up with old and new friends in Ukraine and Romania and we recall great memories of blessings and divine encounters in those countries as well. And Georgian friends – how I wish I could have gone together with Magna when she visited your beautiful country when she headed the mission-support department. Now finally it looks as though I will get the chance at last – and some of you I know from brief encounters during territorial events.

We look forward to see you all. You are already in our prayers, and ask you to remember us as well.

Da er det offisielt. En uventet telefonoppringning fra Frelsesarmeens stabssjef ga oss informasjon om at vi fra 1. august 2015 skal tiltre som sjefsekretærer i det nye Øst-Europa territoriet. Hovedkvarteret flyttes fra Moskva til Chisinau (Moldova) – som betyr at vi vender tilbake til landet vi forlot for åtte år siden. Vi gleder oss til utfordringene og oppgavene, samtidig som det trist å forlate familie, kolleger og venner her hjemme. Vi er takknemlige for all forbønn, og er glade for alt det spennende som skal skje her hjemme før vi bryter opp. Når det er Gud som skaper «tomrom», er han også i stand til å fylle det, og da er jeg overbevist om at hans «øser ut velsignelse uten mål».

Velsignet påskehøytid! 

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