søndag 22. juli 2012

'On bended knees'

With the exception of one week without internet access in August 2010, I have blogged daily reflections in my mother tongue since 1st of April 2009. Due to feedback received, I know that some without any knowledge of Norwegian occasionally use google-translator and get a glimpse of what I try to communicate - but even "google" has its limitations :-)

It was therefore a great and pleasant surprise this morning to discover that Sven Ljungholm (Swedish is fairly close to Norwegian) had translated yesterday’s entry, and posted it on THE COMMISSION

You can read “On bended knees” there!

Greetings from Norway on a day with mixed feelings:
It is Remembrance-day after last year’s terror-attack and in a few hours time we will welcome close to 200 joyful youngsters for a five days children-festival here at Jeløy. It is all about life!

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