mandag 5. juni 2017

A time for everything - and now it's time for something else

The plan was to do the exercise for 9 weeks when, on 1 April 2009, I decided to blog my daily 'manna' - which simply means sharing with others the thought the word of God gave me to ponder upon for each day.

More than eight years is a long time, and I have regularly considered to 'quit'. However, the blogging has been a blessing for me, and helped me expressing my faith with my personal words.

Along the way, I have also experienced several 'Aha!' discoveries that have helped me seeing clearer things that were previously filed in the ‘mystery-box’. At the same time, the contents of the mystery box have not been reduced. On the contrary, I have seen even more of the mystery of salvation and grace. I actually like that I do not understand everything, and I even think that also is a part of the grace of God.

I do not stop blogging because I have a ‘writer’s block’. The truth is that I am full of thoughts about topics and books that deserve my devoted attention. However, I am now at peace with the decision to prioritize differently - at least for an undefined period of time. There are several reasons for this. They are not important to anyone, but myself. All the same, I share some reasons in the footnote (1).

Part of the mystery of grace are the testimonies that the blog postings have helped others too. I thank God for this, and I am glad that the internet gives the opportunity to be present with testimonies about the good news. My challenge to you is therefore to use the internet to spread a message of hope and love, and I share this promise:

Cast your bread upon the waters, For you will find it after many days.
Eccles 11:1
To cast the bread upon the water is like sharing the 'manna', more specific: 'the bread of heaven' = Jesus (2) with others. When I share him, the return is always a blessing. Until now, the record for a return is 30 years before I saw a concrete result of something I felt led to do. Fortunately, we do not always have to wait so long. Sometimes it happens right away.

‘Manna’ for today:

There is always an opportunity to share the life of Jesus with others!
NB - You will find overview over my blog-postings in English HERE
(1) Here are some reasons:
  • A lot of time during a workday I spend sitting working on a screen. In addition to long working hours, blogging takes at least one hour extra screen-time every day.
  • I want to release time without losing the personal devotion it is to write the blog. My intention is to improve one of my languages, and now I will spend my devotions studying the Bible in Russian.
  • Over the past ten years I have written very much (not only the blog), and there has been little time for reading. Now I will prioritize reading again, because I feel that I need it.
  • I have peace of mind to make this decision
  • There are already almost 3,300 posts on the blog. These are available on Bibelportalen, where the posts are sorted in 66 books of the Bible (in the right-hand column), so it is still possible to have access to all previously published reflections.
(2) See John 6:35-40

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