søndag 28. mai 2017

The important strategy - a time for everything *

When Jesus had reminded the disciples that they after having received the Holy Spirit should be his witnesses, he continued by giving them the strategy for the mission:
“ … in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”
Acts 1:8
The mission is not accomplished before we reach “the ends of the earth”, but the crucial point is that I always start where I am. On Friday afternoon we passed the border between Moldova and Romania. It was Rodney (Walters) who drove the car, and it is normal procedure that the driver is the one presenting the identification documents for both passengers and vehicle. The custom officer on the Romanian border was in a good mood and wanted to talk, and Rodney got an opportunity to testify, which he used to witness about the love of God shown to us in Jesus.

One of the benefits of knowing Jesus' strategy is that we are always ready to testify. Wearing the uniform can often be a help, because it makes people ask questions that open up for conversation. The Romanian border is not the ends of the earth, but what Rodney, Wendy, Magna and I have in common, is that we many years ago began where we were, and have continued to ‘begin’ right where we are. I will revert to some thoughts about "the ends of the earth" tomorrow. 

‘Manna’ for today:

Today I will begin in Iasi
(1) This picture is not taken at Romanian border, but on Aeropagos - the place where Paul began to witness for Athenians.
'A time for everything' is connected with the Bible's teaching about a 'season for every activity' Eccl 3 This series is about the teaching in the time between Easter and Pentecost

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