fredag 10. mars 2017

To end on the right note…

Oscar Peterson was by far my favourite pianist. I tried to learn from buying and studying his sheet music and listen to his recordings, but perhaps the most important thing I learned was one of his statements. From memory I quote: “The important thing when you play, is to know where you are heading and reach your destination at the exact right time. If you can do that, you can do almost anything you want along the way.”

This is a very important principle if you want to create real music.

The principle is valid in several areas. I have for example used Peterson’s statement when I have taught preaching. The preacher needs to know where he's going and he must get there at the right time. I have heard many preachers who have shared a lot of good thoughts, but the message was not going towards a destination. Others have been targeted, but the message fell flat because of bad timing.

Although Paul wrote an ordinary letter to Timothy, he does seem to have had a three-folded objective with his letter and it all comes together in the final verses.

1. The first objective is directed upwardly:

To him be glory for ever and ever. Amen.
2 Timothy 4:18b
To glorify the Lord is the purpose of every disciple. It is also objective of my life.

2. The second objective is directed inwardly:

The Lord be with your spirit!
2 Tim 4:22a
When the Lord is with my spirit, he is with me wherever I am in the world. It is the best greeting anyone could wish for me and the most important greeting I could wish for a brother or sister in the faith.

3. The third objective is directed outwardly:

Grace be with you all! 2 Timothy 4:22b
I belong to a fellowship and a fellowship depends on grace. This grace should also flow from the fellowship in such a way that people who still do not believe will understand that the gospel is all about grace.

A musical work very often ends on the keynote. The keynote of the gospel is grace. Therefore, grace is the right tone to end on... I believe Paul knew it, and Timothy fell into to the rhythm of it. 

‘Manna’ for today:

God is grace - and he is the beginning and the end – therefor grace is the keynote of the gospel.
Thank you for being part of the journey through the letters to Timothy.

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