lørdag 11. mars 2017

Prayer for salvation

Last Thursday I skyped with Marit Dehli who is a journalist in the Norwegian ‘War Cry’. The reason for the call was an experience I had when I told about the "Prayer for salvation" at a Whit sun Convention in Tana (very far north in Norway) in 2013. Magna and I were there as keynote speakers, and during the day as we were waiting for the next session to begin, I took the opportunity to promote the ‘War Cry’ (1) as a tool for evangelism.

“I've actually heard about several people who have read the magazine and have been saved through praying the ‘prayer for salvation’!”
I said. 

An elderly woman interrupted me and said:
“Yes, that happened to me!”
“Are you telling me that you came to faith, prayed the prayer published in the ‘War Cry’, and therefore you are saved and are here to celebrate Whit sun?" I asked.
“Yes!” she replied with a smile and beamed with joy.

I have heard similar stories when I've been traveling and it can be a great asset to find written words as a help to shape a prayer, particular when you are alone. Even more important than the words of the prayer is that the prayer comes from the heart.

Here is the prayer that is published in all editions of the War Cry – a procedure that has been in place for many years:

Jesus, you have said that everyone is welcome to you, and now I want to come. 
I know that you gave your life to atone for the sin of men, and I believe that you died for me.
I ask forgiveness for what I have done wrong.
I know you came to open the way for me into God's presence, and I understand that I need you.
Thank you for loving me, both because of and despite of who I am.
Thank you for coming into my life and help me to believe and to live.
Thank you for saving me now and giving me your blessing.
Thank you, Jesus!  

And here is the Biblical guarantee that you have been heard:
Yet to all who did receive him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God.
John 1:12
'Manna' for today:
Thank you, God, for your salvation!
(1) I like to advertise for the War Cry at any time – however, in 2013 the War Cry was also part of my responsibility. I was proud to be part of the publication of such a good product.

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