fredag 31. mars 2017

Knowing when it is time to tell - a step on the journey

Two years ago we got the call notifying us that we were appointed to Eastern Europe. However, the ‘appointment’ was a secret until it was officially announced five days later; - which happened to be 1 April, and therefore, many people thought it was somebody playing ‘April-fool’. Still, it was good to be free to talk about the news to others than our closest family.

On the way up to Jerusalem, Jesus took a detour together with Peter, James and John up on a high mountain. There Jesus was transfigured in front of them. The strange vision also included Moses and Elijah; it was so special that Peter wanted to build three huts for them. Although I love doing carpentry I am puzzled by Peter’s crazy proposal; perhaps he thought that it was the only thing he could contribute with. Fortunately, he was interrupted by the voice of God speaking from a bright cloud, confirming that Jesus was his son.

Peter, James and John had been witnesses to a powerful revelation. But they had to return to reality, and reality is where the people are:

As they were coming down the mountain, Jesus instructed them, “Don’t tell anyone what you have seen, until the Son of Man has been raised from the dead.”
Matt 17:9
There is no point in telling about visions and spiritual experiences if it is not confirmed by the new life in Jesus Christ. I'll never forget a conversation I had when I 44 years ago was evangelising on the streets of Tromsø (Northern Norway). “I do not believe in what you say because 'you' say it” the young man whom I had approached replied, “but I believe it's true because I see what has happened with Gøril!" Gøril had experienced radical salvation in a meeting in the basement of the Salvation Army some months prior to my encounter with the young man. As a new creation in Christ, Gøril was a testimony of the new life to her old friends.

When I know that the new life lives in me and around me, I can boldly tell about what has happened, and people will believe it because the new life makes the words trustworthy.

Today 'manna':
I want to tell about the new life
(1) Evangelising in the streets of Tromsø 1 May 1974 - yes, it is I who face the camera, and yes, the 'slumsister' gave me clothes that no-one else would wear - 'squares' were 'out' in 1974 - who cares (?) - and yes - I was able to tell about the new life through the loudspeaker I carry - and yes - I was alive in Christ and so were the people around me - many of them new Christians.

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