mandag 27. mars 2017

Knowing what ‘cross-bearing’ is - a step on the journey

I assume that most people know that the cross is a Christian symbol. However, the cross stands for far more than just being the unifying symbol for all Christians. It involves ‘cross-bearing’, a that includes much more than just wearing the cross as a necklace. 

Yet even as a ‘necklace’ the cross has manifested its power by the reactions in the opinion, when worn by a news-reporter on the stately TV-channel or by a politician in a certain context in my home-country.

There is something about the cross that provokes this world, and part of the call is to bear the cross:

Then Jesus said to his disciples, 'Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me'.
Matt 16:24
The cross is a paradox because it reminds us both of the ultimate evil and the perfect love, about the total degradation and the ultimate victory. I believe God is love and ultimate goodness. Therefore, a rebellion against God, is a rebellion against love and goodness. For the same reason the cross will be perceived as provocative. ‘Cross-bearing’ is therefore the symbol of my identification with Jesus and everything he represents. This means that everything that identifies me with Jesus will become a kind of ‘cross’. I think that is why Jesus said taking up 'my' cross. My ‘cross’ is everything that identifies me with Jesus – if there is nothing to identify me with him, I am not carrying my cross.

Today 'manna':

I will take up 'my' cross
(1) As a young Christian I was very inspired by Arthur Blessitt who took this literally and has walked all over the world bearing his cross to testify about Jesus.

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