søndag 5. mars 2017

Fragmented thoughts on loneliness

'Loneliness' is such a big topic that the thoughts I share are mere fragments (1). For some loneliness is considered a curse, while others seek it as a blessing. 

As with most things in life, we need both solitude and fellowship. Paul was no exception, and in some ways I can feel his desperation when he wrote:
Please come as soon as you can
2 Timothy 4:9
The mentor needs his disciple. It shows the importance of reciprocity. We need one another as humans, and we need one another as disciples in the mission in God's Kingdom. 

A few years ago I conducted a funeral where one of the deceased’s sons came with the following message as a last greeting to his father: “Throughout our lives, it was always you who confirmed me and my brothers, the last couple years we needed to confirm you, and I do it again: you were a good father”
I believe it was true and I was touched by the statement.

The letter suggests that Paul needed someone he trusted who could confirm him as he was approaching the last part of the pilgrimage. May be he needed Timothy to say: “Throughout my life, you have always confirmed me as your true son in the faith, now it is my turn to confirm you as a mentor and a true father in the faith” (2).

The feeling of loneliness is alleviated when there is someone who sees me. A glance, a good handshake or a hug can do a lot of good. No man is an island. When God the Almighty created man in His image it is a sign that we are created to have fellowship with each other and with him.

‘Manna’ for today:

I am created for fellowship with room for solitude
(1) In light of the fact that Soren Kierkegaard used the term "Philosophical fragments" my thoughts should only be considered minor particles...
(2) See “Affirmation and accountability”

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