søndag 25. desember 2016

Born in Bethlehem

During the Christmas season I will keep my reflections relatively short. These days I live in the Christmas mystery, and today I rejoice once again over Bethlehem. It seems obvious that Jesus had to be born in that place and not "at home" in Nazareth. He is ‘the bread from heaven’ that we "eat", so that he can become part of us and we become a part of him. The only logical place for his birth was the "Bread house" = Bethlehem.

We celebrate Christmas in a small area named after the local lake – translated into English the name is “Bread-sea”. I like the name, but unfortunately it has nothing to do with bread, but rather is result of a dialectic development from "broad" to "bread". But even that is part of the Christmas message, it is a broad-casting of the good news embracing the whole world. That means that wherever I happen to be at any time, can become a Bethlehem – a bread house where people can find nurture for their journey of eternity – just because a believer is in that place. The Christmas mystery, is the mystery of the Bread-house.

'Manna' for today:

The Bread-house-mystery is happening today.

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