lørdag 1. oktober 2016

Today is a ‘D-day’

Today my reflection is a little bit different. I know it is not the 6th of June – but nor was it the intention that anybody should know that it was just that day. It is about the nickname for the operation in 1944 that should be the beginning of the end of WW2. D-day is an abbreviation of Day-day, an unspecified day when something will happen. It was carefully prepared.

The first day of every month is “Recharge Day” in our territory. That means a day when we “charge” our batteries to have power for everything that will happen. It is a possibility for officers to use the day to reflect on the most important thing: My personal relationship with God. If that relationship is not working, nothing of lasting value will happen in the Kingdom of God. It is about preparation.

What has also made me think about “D-day” is the letter “D” which is Roman numeral for 500. I have just discovered that I on my blog in September for the first time had an average of more than 500 visitors on my blog every day. It makes me humble, and I pray that it may lead to something happening in the Kingdom of God. I also think about Paul who wrote about how Jesus revealed himself for his disciples after he had risen from the dead. I believe that it happened due to divine preparation:

After that, he appeared to more than five hundred of the brothers and sisters at the same time.
1 Cor 15:6
I believe that an encounter with the risen Jesus led to a change in the lives of the five hundred, because a meeting with Jesus does something with us if we meet him alone, or in a fellowship of more than 500. I my blog-reflections make people draw closer to a living Jesus, every day will be a D-day, because it will be a day that will make things happen. It is about me preparing myself.

‘Manna’ for today:

Today it is possible to meet with Jesus – alive!

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