onsdag 21. september 2016

It is about my 'Holy Place'

I want to continue to use the allegoric illustration of the Temple - and I now move from the human
spirit (The Most Holy Place) which represents man’s consciousness of God, to the human soul (The Holy Place) which represents man’s consciousness of self. The Holy Place was only accessible for a chosen elite. I am setting the rules with regard to whom I “admit” into my “Holy Place”. They become my “chosen people” and will be able to share my innermost thoughts, emotions and know my real personality.

The Greek word for soul 'psychē' can also translate “life”. It is important to bear this in mind when I read one of Jesus' well known sayings – which I think is crucial when we deal with subject of holiness:

For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me will find it.
Matt 16:25
My soul is very often a hindrance for the Spirit to move freely in my Sanctuary. The human inclination is the desire and even felt need to:
  • understand before believing
  • feel before believing
  • think: “consequences for me” before believing – (am I willing to…?)
May be it is possible to write this challenge as a formula:
Intellect + Emotions + Personality = the soul = the life
(which man is inclined not to lose)
When I dare to invite the Holy Spirit, not only into my Most Holy Place, but also into my Holy Place, I in many ways lose my life, but I find it again – and what I find is better than what I lost.  And:

'Manna' for today:
A holy pilgrimage has begun!

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