mandag 12. september 2016

It is about the 'other' trinity

I will return to the image of the triune temple, but need to be reminded about the fact that holiness also belongs to another trinity:

The prayer of Jesus in John 17 is about my relationship with God and the world. Among many important things, his prayer tells me that I am not any longer “of” the world, but he wants me “in” the world. Further it tells me that it is God’s plan that I should be ‘Jesus’ in the world today.

“Our faith is a Trinitarian faith. It can only be understood in terms of our relationship with God and the world in which God has placed us. From Genesis to Revelation faith is never to be understood nor expressed in isolation to the world in which that faith is to be lived out. This raises a perspective that is important for us to consider. Our relationship with God is intrinsically linked to our relationship with the affairs and concerns of the community of this globe. The moment we isolate one aspect from the other we violate the holistic nature of our faith” Phil Wall writes (1).

I want to keep this holistic perspective in my mind all the time, because the function of holiness is to influence the world. This is important when I start to divide the different parts. I must never forget the big picture.

‘Manna’ for today:

Holiness is about the big picture!
(1) In “’I’ll Fight…’ Holiness at War” 1998 p. 49

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