søndag 25. september 2016

It is about honour and respect

When I yesterday wrote about respect for holiness, I remembered a course I lead five years back, in which Commissioner Robert Street was one of the lecturers. 

Street has written several books, and on that occaion he taught from his book on “Servant leadership”. 

He focused on the fact that the most important part of the mind of a servant, is to show respect.

He told that he as the Training Principal of William Booth College in London every week asked the cadets:

“Have you been respected by the staff and the other cadets this last week?”

And continued:

“Have you shown everyone respect during the last week?”

One thing is to know what is right, another thing is that this needs to be integrated in my attitude, become part of my 'spine'. It is biblical:

Honour everyone. Love the family of believers. Have respectful fear of God. Honour the emperor.
1 Pet 2:17 CEB
I honour people through showing them respect, and through honouring the man created in God’s image, I also show God honour and respect! I pray that this will work even today!

‘Manna’ for today:

Holiness is to show people honour and respect.

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