mandag 9. mai 2016

Dignified behavior?

People who behave with dignity, very often make a great impression on me. I also admit that I have had a tendency to be vain with regard to my own dignity, and I often equate dignity with control.

The disciples were in a special situation. In a way, they had no control to lose. They had come to a point where they were ready for anything. In other words, there was no need to preserve any form dignity, but rather to surrender completely to the Holy Spirit. When the Spirit fell it caused manifestations that caused reactions:
Some, however, made fun of them and said, 'They have had too much wine'.
Acts 2:13
Imagine if the disciples had taken time to sit down and discuss how to communicate what had happened in a "dignified" manner – do you think the effect would have been the same?

Fortunately it was the Holy Spirit who was in control of the directing. When the disciples lost their dignity because of their devotion to the Holy Spirit, they found again a new dignity in Christ. And they regained a form of respect: they were highly regarded by the people - Acts 5:13 b.

In Michal’s eyes, David lost his dignity in a worship-dance, but it was only Michal who was in for a loss (2 Sam 6:16-23). 

'Manna' for today:
I will not let the need for dignity and control go ahead of the need for more of the Holy Spirit.

This reflection is part of 'Who acts throug Acts?'

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