lørdag 16. september 2017

Marathon and Momentum

Today is the annual Oslo Marathon and if I were in Norway, I would have taken part - at least in the 10 km. It's been four years since I last ran and there are several reasons for me not taking part over the past years: 

In the autumn of 2014 we had just arrived Stavanger and all weekends were busy with meetings and events for the new DCs. By 2015, we had just arrived Moldova, and the same matters with a full program were again valid. Mind you, it would have been irresponsible to spend a lot of savings on traveling for at least 8 hours to Oslo just for the sake of running 21 km. 
In the autumn of 2016 I was happy for just being able to walk 5 km (1).

This morning I was up early and ran 10 km at the average speed of 5:28 per km. By comparison, I had 5:27 as average speed at the Oslo half marathon in 2013. For me it is a small miracle that today's 10 km held the same speed.

Today's run is not really an achievement in itself, I just ran and enjoyed it. But the way to get there has costed pain and discomfort, mixed with careful optimism when I noticed progress. I just needed to keep the momentum. 18 months ago, I sometimes doubted that I would be able to run again, and the doctors could not give me any promises. The reason why I chose to challenge the knee's protests, is the sense of physical, and even more important, of mental well-being that I get from running. I had to sacrifice something to achieve something good. 

Furthermore, the reason for me writing this blog is simply that this period of getting back in shape, contains a principle that is valid in most areas of life - even the spiritual area.

Salvation is free, but discipleship is costly, was one of Bonhoeffer’s statements. If I want to experience the good progress or the momentum, which actually is Latin for a move in the right direction, then I must be willing to pay the price. And that price is not a one-time-effort, but a conscious daily choice.

I revert to the example of running. Although I am a morning bird, I have never liked running in the morning. However, in this part of the world with temperatures between 30 and 40 degrees for more than four months in the summer, it is hazardous to run during the day and evening. Then, I can either choose to scrap running or run when I do not like running. Eventually it has become OK to run in the morning - at least when I think of the option of running in + 35.

I am going to focus on "Momentum" in the next months – that does not mean that I return to daily blogging, however, I will probably post some thoughts now and then. It was Jesus who started the motion when he commanded the disciples: "Go therefore!" Matthew 28:19 - and Paul urged his readers:

Now that we’re on the right track, let’s stay on it.
Phil 3:16 (The Message)
When that happens, I believe for a revival in Eastern Europe and Half-marathon in Oslo in the autumn of 2018.
(1) My knee was badly damaged in a terrorist-attack 12 Jan 2016

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