mandag 26. desember 2016

The most important Christmas song

I guess that there will be a lot of discussions if we were to agree on which Christmas song is the most important. A week ago, I shared some Christmas thoughts in a Carol festival at our local church. At the last concert I jokingly said that I had always missed the most important Christmas song in the repertoire of the excellent local singers. 

Then I sang some bars from a Norwegian Christmas-tree dance with a very shallow content, apart from one question that is repeated again and again “Where then do you belong?”

When John the Baptist pointed to Jesus and said: “Look, the Lamb of God!", two of his disciples followed Jesus. When discovered that, he asked: “What do you want?” They answered:

"Where do you live?"
John 1:38
For a long time, I thought that this was a meaningless question to ask. However, that was before I understood how John had composed his gospel. The question "Where do you live?" is far deeper than a reference to a physical residence. It is about where you have your roots. It is about where your values are. The Christmas mystery is about to coming home to where I belong. Because Jesus came to said and says: "Come and see!" 

'Manna' for today:
I know where I belong!

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