fredag 29. juli 2016

To settle with the will of the Lord

Yesterday I wrote about Paul who in spite of warnings through prophecies still believed it was right to go to Jerusalem, whatever the cost would be. Those who stood closest to him, had also warned, but when they realized that the plans of Paul probably was the Lord's will they concluded:
When we did not manage to persuade him, we settled with it and said:
“The Lord’s will be done.”

Acts 21:14
I have chosen to translate the Norwegian version into English. To settle with something, is to come to peace with it; and it is only the person who has the worries, who can make that decision. All the same, I think that there is a partnership taking place when such a decision is made. Because the Lord answers with peace when I settle with his will, but it is important that his will also becomes my will.

I can on the other hand choose to doubt if it really is what God has said, if it really is his will. If that is my choice, it will indeed cause turbulence in me. To rest in his will is also a rest in his promises and trust that:
  • he will be with every day
  • I am created in Christ Jesus to do good works, prepared by God in advance.
  • God is bigger than the world.
  • no force can take me out of him.
There is an ocean of peace in a surrender to God’s will, even in a storm, a shipwreck or finally in martyrdom, as for Paul. But I believe that even they who settled with the Lord’s will for Paul gained the same experience - and that they in the middle of it all received peace that is not of this world. It is also my personal experience (1).
‘Manna’ for today:

To settle in the will of the Lord is my choice and desire.
(1) Fred midt i terroren

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