onsdag 8. juni 2016

To put the Spirit of the Lord to a test

Over the past week I have looked at the effects of the Holy Spirit on people. The tragic effect of the Spirit we see in the story of Ananias and Sapphira falling dead because they lied to the Holy Spirit, is as I see it, one of the most dramatic events of the New Testament. 

The story is recorded in Acts 5:1-11. It is hard to understand - maybe impossible, but since it is included in Luke's account, it must have something important to say. 

It is possible to elaborate on several aspects of the story, but here is a short 

List of lessons it teaches me:
  1. The disciples were free to keep or sell their property and to give all or parts of the proceeds to the fellowship (Acts 5:4)
  2. The Holy Spirit reveals sin (Acts 5:3 - cf John 16:8)
  3. To lie to the Holy Spirit is to put the Spirit to a test (Acts 5:9)
  4. To put God to a test is satanic strategy (Acts 5:3 - cf Jesus' temptation: Matt 4:7)
  5. A conscious choice of a satanic strategy is fatal (Acts 5:5,10)
'Manna' for today:
The kingdom of God is blessed with amazing grace,
with a serious undertone.

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