tirsdag 24. mai 2016

What is 'like that'?

Yesterday I used a quote from Peter's sermon that confirms: We are all included in the promised gift of the Holy Spirit. Yet I have met so many people over the years who claim that this is not something for them. 

The most common argument for not accepting the gift is: "I am not 'like that'!"  

Often this means stop for further conversation about the topic, but even worse, it may also close for an opportunity for this person to get into a deeper relationship with God.

Another issue is that this attitude places a very large group of Christians into a box labeled: "They are 'like that'!". I would assume that the group "charismatic" Christians today make up more than half of the total number of Christians on earth – which means a number of one billion.

They come from all denominations. Some years ago I interpreted Charles Whitehead who was the leader of the movement of  charismatic Catholics - their number is app 180 million. I personally know Christians from a wide scope of churches and denominations who testify about a personal relationship with the Holy Spirit. They have just one thing in common and that has nothing to do with human characteristics, denominational preferences, they are just 'like that'. Some are quiet, keep to the schedule and are difficult to notice, while others are full of emotions, loud and attracts everyone's attention. If 'like that' goes on personality traits what are they? 

Was Mary, the mother of Jesus, 'like that'?

If 'like that' is the description of the manifestations of the Day of Pentecost - with people behaving as though they were drunk and speaking foreign languages. Yes, then Mary was 'like that' - and so was Peter and Tomas.

But what do all the 'like thats' have in common?

Perhaps this verse gives an answer:

All who believed were together.
Acts 2:44
What they have in common is that they believe. Then it is a contradiction for a believer to say that I am not 'like that'. Faith includes belief in the Holy Spirit, and he should be given access to our lives.

'Manna' for today:
I believe - therefore I am 'like that'!
- and it is good to live 'like that'!

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