mandag 30. mai 2016

Divine strategy or pure coincidence?

The last couple of days I have focused on the lame beggar who was healed, the fuzz he made and how Peter seized the "spiritual moment" and used the attention to point to Jesus. 
Today I want to find an answer to the following question:

Was it important that this event took place in Solomon's Porch? 

I do not think that it was a coincidence that the Holy Spirit caused a spontaneous meeting in this particular place. Facts about the hall can be found in the footnotes (1), but here are some arguments why I see it as spiritually strategic:
  1. The Colonnade or Porch was the place where the king exercised justice – see John 16:8
  2. Jesus had used the venue for his teaching – see John 10:23
  3. Confirms Jesus’ prophesy “Greater than these” – John 14:12 – When Jesus spoke, noone believed, when Peter spoke many believed – Acts 4:2
  4. Symbol of the spiritual Temple 1 Pet 2:4-5
  5. “Public domain” – everyone had access!
'Manna' for today:
The Holy spirit is strategic and wants to lead to the right place at the right time!
(1) Solomon's Porch (sometimes called Solomon's Colonnade, Estate hall or Column hall) was part
of the eastern section of both Solomon's and Herod's Temple. The hall formed a conclusion to the
court in this direction. Remnants of the huge 200 meter high, retaining wall for the portico are
still visible near the Temple Wall in Jerusalem. The hall was 25m long and 15m wide. 

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