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A prophetic sandwich - The ‘filling’

A matter of urgency       NORSK

It is possible to eat the crusts in a sandwich on their own, but it helps the appetite if there is a nourishing filling – and in the prophetic sandwich the filling is essential, so here comes

The 'filling'
To my great joy I have seen a growing prayer-movement in our church. Our organization will survive without prayer, but not our mission. In March 2012 listened to Janet Munn sharing the vision:

'my house will be called a house of prayer for all nations.'
Isa 56:7
Once again I had a sense of being part of something prophetic, and the picture of the sandwich dawned on me. In the sequence the two mentioned prophecies in Isaiah 54 and 58, the call to prayer finds itself in chapter 56. I just note this as a curiosity, and I like to look at it as God’s humour. Coincident or not, it makes it even easier to remember when presented and we need an encouragement to take this in. 

As with the two former prophecies, also this was confirmed in our territorial congress a couple of months later, and again I was the interpreter (1). In the last meeting, Commissioner Sue Swanson shared the message from Isaiah 56 with focus on the house of prayer for all.

When Jesus came to Jerusalem he went to the Temple and cleansed it so that there should be room for those who for several reasons did not get access, the people less valued, for the sake of social (like e.g. poverty), racial and gender issues. When he comes to town to today he goes to his temple – that includes me, and he see if it is a place of prayer “for all”. If not, he wants to clean it up. 

For our ministry in this world it is vital. In reality, it is a question of life or death; unfortunately not for the organization of the church - as mentioned above, but for the spreading of the eternal life of Christ we are called to share. 

'Manna' for today:
His tempel today must be a house of prayer for all!

(1) The only reason why I mention this, is because both when I interpreted Gowans in 2000, Gaither in 2003 and Swanson in 2012, they shared a message which is likely to have been my message if I was doing the preaching myself... 

This reflection on prophesy is linked to:
Your sons and daughters will prophesy,
your young men will see visions,
your old men will dream dreams.
Even on my servants, both men and women,
I will pour out my Spirit in those days,
and they will prophesy.

Acts 2:17-18

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